Duty Session 400: Isle of the Terraformers

Strange dark creatures have been reported by various members of the Hunter's Guild. These creatures seem to be drawn to the power of the Elements. However, these are no friendly creatures. They have been seen actively trying to do harm to Divine Beasts or other natural sources of Elemental Energy. The Were Fang, Mikage Yurei, has discovered the location which seems to spawn these creatures into the world and brought that information to the Hunter's Guild. Now, the Guild seeks Adventurers willing to delve into unknown Gnomish ruins to reduce the threat of these 'Terraformers'.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       2
World Rewards: Reduce 'Terraformer' activity. Increase capabilities of the Divine Beasts of Yamato.

Plot Room 3

    As the war begins to heat up, adventurers willing to do hunters guild quests might be less common than before. For Fukaziroh this is less of an issue. She's been asked specifically to check this place out by more than just the guild, and has been keeping an eye out for a quest involving the ruins of this area just in case. Besides, part of being strong enough to fight involves regular training and Fuka's still looking to improve herself in a number of ways, particularly physical.

    She waits on the approach to the ruins in question, singing to herself wordlessly... and actually sounding pretty good doing it. Not that it's hard to do, but she's a bit more tuneful about it than she might otherwise sound in more combat-focussed situations. Some from Japan, particularly younger people, may recognize the tune as something from a young idol singer; something a bit softer than one might expect from rambunctious Fukaziroh.