Dreams of Maple, Steel, and Ivory

Baroness Wake
Castle Eas

    The Baroness has been travelling all around the world, stopping in only when her path takes her near to Eas. This is one such time. She is not in the castle proper, but at the Hall of Arts, where she is sitting on the edge of the stage, her legs dangled off the side as she sends dancing lights through the vast hall of the theater building. In the windows outside (especially it being a cloudy day), the vibrant colors can be seen.

    The whole area is alive with soldiers, and everyone seems to know where the Baroness is. Ever since she studied song she's turned her mind to mastery of light and growing ever closer in her awareness of the Beautiful One.

     Castle Eas. A place likely steeped in ancient history that no doubt would be interesting to delve into. And with not-so-ancient history that is just as interesting. After all, who, but the Baroness Wake would just decide that they wanted to be the queen of a castle? In her wanderings, grinding, and learning about various things, Demonrose Honami of the forgotten legion, the Angel of Darkness has come to the Castle Eas.

     Studying song and light, two lovely things, but also those feelers that had been put out had drawn Honami's interest. Because she needed to work on expanding her skill with accessory forging, and many instruments require such skills to properly create and fine-tune.

     Upon finding where the Baroness was, Honami made her way there directly. Well. Mostly. She didn't know the castle well so she had to ask directions a couple of times. BUT FINALLY she made her way into that hall of arts, where she opens the main doorway to and flows through in a flurry of black petals and darkness that takes her right to the Baroness' feet. When the black petals and darkness fade, the Demon Rose of the Forgotten Legion is kneeling before the Baroness, holding out a black rose up towards her. "Oh, Baroness of the Castle Eas. I heard rumor that you seeked those skilled in the artes of precise metalwork and musical skill in addition? I am the Demon Rose of the Forgotten Legion, Demonrose Honami, and I have both skill in song and precise metalwork, and am looking to expand my skill in accessory forging."
Baroness Wake
Castle Eas

    Being alone in the hall, and remarkably lost in her efforts, it takes a moment for the Baroness to recognize that there is a lovely contrast to her light moving through the hall. In response, Wake sends deeper shades of purple, red, and blue swirling at the edges of the darkness, causing them to burst in highlight of the black petals, complimenting and drawing attention to her guest.

    The Baroness slides gracefully from her perch and strides to meet Homani with a smile. She accepts the rose with both hands, cradling it for a time as she admires it. There is nothing but appreciation for the gift in her eyes.

    Wake then glides into a curtsey, the polite welcome raised itself to the highest of arts. She bows her head and lingers there, skirts spread and nearly floating.

    "The Demonrose Honami has come to grace Eas with her presence. I am Baroness Wake, and you honor me and my people for traveling so far to answer the call."

     Her theatrics added to in a lovely way, the black petals of her entrance slowly fading away in the wake of her arrival, being little more than illusion cast by the arte that Honami had been practicing in her travels. Honami gives a small smile at that appreciation of the gift. It had mostly just been part of the act, but Honami was glad that the Baroness had enjoyed it regardless.

     "She has indeed, and it was not too far of a travel, as I mainly spend my time on the central island, so it is merely a day or two of travel. ...Leaning towards two. There's many distractions. Truly though, the honor is mine. I'd been meaning to make my way here at some point anyway, as I have a rather deep love of the lore of this world, and I'm sure that this castle is no doubt steeped in it."

    Honami slowly stands, that smile still gracing the dark knight's lips as she continues. "I don't believe the specifics made it to mine ears, but would you care to elaborate what you're interested in getting created specifically? I have some measure of skill in song and the aforementioned interest in expansion of my skill in accessory forging so I'm sure that between the two of us and others we could figure out how to make whatever it is your heart desires, dear Baroness."
Baroness Wake
Castle Eas

    Wake nods thoughtfully, "I am happy you came, and it sounds like you enjoyed the journey. Considering the times, traveling isn't quite as relaxed as it used to be. Thanks to your alliance and the bravey of many adventurers besides, Eas still stands free."

    The Baroness listens intently to her guest, filing away details in the back of her mind. "The instruments I seek to construct are the piano, the various forms of the saxophone, and the guitar. A proper drum set would go far, as well. I imagine the drums are trivial compared to the rest, though. If possible, I would like to begin with the piano, as it best suits the music that my fiancee and I love most."

    She pauses a moment. The main goal laid out, she prompts curiously, "Do you love music?"

     "It's more dangerous, but at times, that just makes it more fun. Having to sneak around enemy encampments, run wildly from the front lines... things along those lines! ...None of those things happened, really, but they are things that could be terrifyingly fun." Honami gives a soft chuckle. She gives a small smile and nods. "I regret I was unable to make it there at the time, I was too far out to make it in time to do any major assistance, but."

     She falls quiet, listening to the description of what the Baroness wanted. "The drums would, indeed, likely be the easiest, but a piano. Yes, that does sound a bit difficult. Hmm. I wonder if grunties have any ivory drops." She muses to herself at that. There were surely some sort of option for it. Maybe just bone keys? Hmm. "I wonder if pianos already exist in this world. I'm not sure, to be honest."

     And then that question. Honami actually pauses at that. Does she love music? "...It's been a part of my life recently, it honestly had been something I hadn't steeped myself in too much before coming to this world. My real life is that of a writer, so I definitely love the wordplay within songs." She crosses an arm over her chest, closing her eyes as she just. Thinks. Her eyes open again, and she smiles. "I do. Yes. I do love music. I just. Hadn't thought of it before? It's something I've incorporated into my spells, so it's something that's just become a fact of life that I hadn't realized had become important."
Baroness Wake
Castle Eas

    The love of danger draws a laugh from the Baroness. It reminds her of herself. Back when it was just a game, she built a legend of herself as the one who could get in anywhere, steal anything, and assassinate boss mobs. That was a long time ago.

    "We can look at other ways to coat the keys. Ebony was used for the black keys before plastic took over that role. Getting the proper materials will certainly be part of the challenge, though. As far as I have seen and heard, there are no pianos anywhere in this world, though a few people have guitars, which are also not native instruments. Perfecting the production of those is also on my list, but at the moment it seems we have a decent supply of stringed instruments." Her tone shifts when she speaks of music. Her words are slightly faster and her volume ever-so-slight increases. She's excited.

    That the Baroness asks a question that require thought is common. Wake appreciates seeing Honami work it out with some consideration. "I love music," she replies simply. "My fiancee and I were drawn together by music. Our relationship is full of music. But then, the whole world is, if we simply listen. The wind through leaves, the song of the birds, the endless roaring of the falls, the cicada, the grass hopper, all contributing in their own way. Even when we strive to barricade ourselves in silence, we come to hear yet more music in the steady beating of our heart and-if truly quiet-the sound of life's blood flowing."

     "Ebony! Oh that would just be lovely. Hmm! Maybe an inverse of the normal look that Pianos regularly have. Black, ebony keys with a beautiful white body, possibly with lovely little designs etched into it." The Demonrose smiles brightly, her eyes seeming to twinkle from the idea. Oh the thought of writing a description of such a thing into the world. "Hm! Yes. Yes yes, we just need to get ahold of the materials. Some quality wood, probably some sort of sealing laquors, the ebony of course... and a fine metal that has good sound for the strings! Perhaps some form of bronze or copper... hm. I wonder if any of our lovely smiths have made steel for durability. Perfectly silvered strings..." She muses on that out loud. She's not in a fey mood, just really loving brainstorming.

     She does fall silent once more when the Baroness starts talking about her fiancee and the music. She listens intently, those pale yellow eyes of hers staying on the Baroness. "...The song of the world... it is deeply intertwined with this world as well... and perhaps our real world too? And music is such a powerful thing that connects everyone" She smiles softly as she thinks on that. "You're truly a poet, dear Baroness. Are you a writer in real life as well? Or do you just know how to turn a rather enchanting phrase that captures the hearts of even those only moderately acquainted with you?" There's a slightly playful edge to Honami's smile as she asks that. Of course she knew that the Baroness was probably the best diplomat among the Yamato adventurers, who didn't at this point with how widely-spread the Baroness' influence was?

     "So.. hm. Guitars and pianos are the main target. Which means perhaps I should focus on the creation of the core note-producing parts, that being the strings and that which is used to tune and control the sound of those strings."
Baroness Wake
Castle Eas

    "I believe steel is going to be a necessity, and a wood with good sound qualities, like maple. This world works in its own ways. No doubt we'll need help from many people who have sought to push against the boundaries of what has been here to what might yet be. I will direct many resources to making this happen." Her reputation as a source of power and influence has been earned with care and attention.

    Wake laughs gently when she is called a poet. "My beloved was a musician. An accomplished k-pop star who retired but kept writing and performing out of the spectacle of Seoul. That's how we met at a small club in Tokyo. Since then, I've been involved in working with her for fun and she's taught me a great deal about writing lyrics along the way. In my job, selecting words with great care was important, as well. The wrong gesture, the wrong tone, the wrong word and the security of millions could have been at risk."

    She laughs softly, waving a hand in a self-deprecating gesture. "But that is in a past that.. may never have been as I think it was. What I do have from it is the love of a woman, and her love for me. There is nothing I've left behind that could lead me to risk that."

    The creative energy of Honami is familiar. Wake has seen as many strange moods as anyone in Yamato. Perhaps more. She makes no study of them, but with her fiancee, she has made an art of supporting them. She's incredibly skilled at feeding people while distracting them into discussing their work at length.

     Steel. Ugh. "That one is going to be difficult then. Making the thing, beautiful strings out of steel... a difficult to work with and create material... but once it's made I'm sure we can figure it out." Honami gives a small nod at that, gossamer wings fluttering in a note of excitement under her cape. "I'll do whatever I can, because this will further my own needs as I have been told that my skill in accessory forging, when empowered further, shall allow me to be able to save those entrapped by the Crown's control and help turn the tide of this battle."

     The talk of the beloved musician, an idol. Honami's smile grows soft and fond as her thoughts stray to her own loved ones while listening, "That past definitely existed. I trust in that... the pleasant and the painful parts both." Honami nods slowly, lifting her gaze back up to meet the Baroness' face. "I, too, have someone beloved in this world with me, though I think she's coping a little less well with this world as her connection to the past world was stronger in some ways." Not that Honami's wasn't, but...

     Diferently so. Still, that strange mood energy wasn't even something consuming Honami yet. She just was getting excited about the idea of making something so beautiful, really. "Hmm... something truly beautiful, perhaps hauntingly so for the two of you... yes, I do think this is something I could put my all into. Is there anything else you would like of me? I am somewhat skilled in the art of the hunt and appraising objects, and mirroring my life in the real world, I pride myself at desciphering scripture as well."
Baroness Wake
Castle Eas

    Wake smiles at the mention of removing crowns. "It would be nice to have a less painful way to do that next time, yes," she says gently. "There are many that need to be released from their slavery."

    The Baroness thinks for a moment before replying to Honami's offer of other skills. "I will certainly draw you into more work as it comes. I strive to be a connector when I can, though it doesn't always work out perfectly. It's about talents, dreams, temperment. Working together on a project should draw people closer and, if I do my job well, it does just that. For now, though, I had best take some time to communicate with my beloved and see how her days are passing. I fear she is rather tired of being away from home, safety or no. But with all these soldiers here now, perhaps all my people can return home soon?"