It's all for the Glamour

Gwen has caught wind of a dungeon that has loot, armours and weapons from what she can tell Fragment and Sword Art Online. She can't pass this up as she's going to drag other people along for the ride. It's got good loot, right? What could /go wrong/ then again this is Gwen and it could go terribly right.

4 PM PST Start all welcome? Questions etc Contact me on Gwen.


So Gwen had come out of her mood, produced a bunch of Denim and got it on the market. She was bouncing about as normal just about all atwitter with things. Her father Uther had found out about an interesting dungeon where all the drops in it seemed to be gear from Fragment and SAO. This got Gewn's utter attention as at least Shiruba and perhaps Haru might have known?

She missed this one set she had back in Fragment, she wanted to see if she could get it back so she rounded up people for a party and would head in. Oddly the place was located near Alne in one of the forests. The entrance wasn't much to look at a simple hill oddly with black stones on the top if viewed from above would form a human skull.

Gwen was there clad in her normal tanking gear almost bouncing in place.

"I can't believe it was under my noses all along! all these old armour sets."

She's vibrating just about in place as she looks over the map her father had handed her. She had no idea he'd held on to knowing about this place to get her out of the houses for a bit.

"So is everyone ready!?"

Haru is wearing some of them sweet Pendragon jeans. It will probably cause Morri to make endless jokes about people getting in their pants for the next few months. Its a fun family, everyone should visit at least once.

Now Haru wasn't as much into Fragment and SAO as he was ET and ETO. So a chance to learn more and see what people are talking about? Sold. He didn't need to be asked to join on ADVENTURE. Its like asking if peanut butter needs jelly.

"Thats how it normally goes. Great stuff hidden right under our noses. Also one of the best things about this world. Always something new to explore," Haru offers as he watches the bouncing tank. Up. Up. Down. Down. His blue eye is close to doing the Konami code. "Im always ready for action," he smiles. A glance over to Fuka since that was a bit 'too' easy of a lay up.

Twirling her blades and steadying herself, Kotono is definitely more than ready to take on just about anything that comes their way.

However, unlike Gwen, Kotono's in it more for the aspect of adventuring than the actual loot. The loot is just icing on the cake.

With a few stretches to loosen up, Kotono looks to see if the others (namely Miyako) are ready to go.

Yeowang has joined the party, though she has no background with the old games. But she was in the area when the party was forming, and she joined up. She doesn't really know her way around the forest despite the Hunter class, but she's deadly on the trail. "What is it you're hoping to find?" she asks, not quite understanding the gamer-speak. "In simple terms, for the cheap seats?" She won't say 'newb', though strictly speaking, she is one. Sure, she's been in-game for the same year and chance as everyone, but most people have been gaming all their lives, while this is her first. "Also, any idea what we might be facing?"

She's bought a pair of the jeans also, though she's not wearing them. They're perhaps not flexibe enough for /her/ style of martial arts. As to whether she's ready, she offers a shrug, and says, "As ready as I'll ever be, I suppose?"

Shiruba would know, but considering the state of mind she's in as of late, it's probably not the forfront of her thoughts. However it would seem someone has been able to coax the Cait Sith out of her obsessive tacking of notes to a board with pins and string to make abstract comparisons that almost in themselves could need a cryptography skill to dechiper.

Wolven ears are perked, after a look in one direction, then the other, she sighs and scribbles on her own map parchment. "So far no sightings of Gnoll presence in the area."

Well at least her falcon is perched on her shoulder, so there's someone to keep watch over her.

    Loot and friends are two things Fuka adores, so it's no surprise she was eager to participate in Gwen's mission. Fashion is nice too of course, but Fuka doesn't obsess over it the way the Pantdragons do. Only today, things are a little different. "Gwengwen," she says, actually extending the nickname due to the name being only a syllable and needing *something* to stand out. "... I need to commission something for an upcoming festival. NOT that I'm only agreeing to this quest to get your fashion! But I'm totally going to get you to make a little chef hat and red tie for Sandy for the next race. And maaaaaaybe we can talk about a nice little revealing gothy evening gown for me too?" she offers, partially for fun, partially as offered payment. It might be a bit odd to consider the tiny sylph, currently clad in platemail bracers, boots, and a dense coat that could cover darned near *anything*, in a gothy revealing evening gown. Or perhaps not, depending on your tastes.

    Fuka looks over at Haru, rolling her eyes dramatically. "H is up for it, I'm sure!" she claims, though her tone is more amused than scornful or sarcastic. Then she narrows her eyes. "Did you just... great stuff UNDER OUR NOSES???" she scowls.

Toshiro looks out across the rest of the pack from his elevated position, humming softly to himself at the mixture of familiar and new faces. Even while standing in the middle of the bunch, he managed to get a good look at each of the members his fellow tower had gathered together for all this. He may have had no idea what this 'Fragment' or 'SAO' stuff was about, but he at least seemed entertained by how excited everyone else was.

"Ready as I'm going to be, I think. Though I'm more concerned about you front liners." Golden eyes drifted across the individuals clad in heavier armors, head tilting slightly to one side. Brows furrowed slightly for a moment, only to relax once more in the faces of everyone else's enthusiasm. "We're not going to be facing any more of those undead atrocities, are we? I swear I can still smell that thing." His complaints were softened by the soft tone of his voice, suggesting his words were more of a tease than actual worry.

While he might not have any background with either SAO or Fragment, the thought of exploring a newly discovered dungeon and retreiving loot that hasn't been seen in ages is one Curtana wouldn't want to pass up.

Knowing that a dungeon is at hand, the self-styled knight is wearing his polished heavy armor. He stands relaxed with his fellow adventurers, though his shield was already on his left hand. Something about the hill seems to be tickling something in his memory, but Toshiro's callback draws Curtana's attention and makes him a face of disgust. "Gods, I hope not. Even when we were killing that thing it still assaulted our noses."

    June is well... she's June. Sleeping Knight turn down a chance to take on an obscure dungeon that has drops from other old games, nope not gonna be something that happens. The small librarian looking woman in her barbarian finery joins in for the lulz, the punching, the strange things she might find. Heck she might find some scripts or books from old games and see if they are integrated. So of course she's come. She finishes a beer she started on the way "Of course we're ready who isn't always ready for a punching evil party?"

    Miyako is there, well, she tagged along with Kotono first. But the mention of loot from Sword Art Online gets her attention. "Wait, you think they just... inserted stuff from the old games here?" She shrugs, considering it. "There were a few items there I really liked. I wouldn't mind having a look."

    She stretches out, wings flickering, hands high above her head, before finding a place to perch for a moment. "Might be monsters from the old games," she muses, nodding to Toshiro. "There were a few that were, well..." She chuckles softly. "Just might be some interesting surprises."

Gwen says "Tell me about it Haru, tell me about it."

She looks to Kotono as she loosens up and then to Yeowang.

"An old Heavy Blade Armor set from Fragment I used to wear there. Uther said the monsters changed ups o we have no idea about it. There could be something for all we know belonging to Hogger em Self the more dangerous Gnoll from the land of Azeroth."

She looks to Fuka her expression becomes a smile.

"Sure I can do that for you Fuka."

She looks to Toshiro and sends him a friend invite.

"I'll be one of the ones up front and Father didn't say anything about undead mostly animated objects."

Mimics? Oh god it could be a lair full of Mimics. Gwen also tosses Curtana a friend invite as well.

"Most of the undead horde are sealed for the moment thankfully, though we will have to /deal/ with them sooner or later."

Gwen laughed at June's enthusiasm.

"Punching evil and fashion! As for that's a high chance of it being so."

With that Gwen punches one hand into the other with a grin on her face.

"Let's go! To adventure."

With that she'll stride on into the dungeon.

It does not take too long for the party to find their way into the earthen halls which slowly give way to stone and it really does look a lot like an old Fragment Dungeon. Sitting in the middle of a room. Seems to be a Moai an enemy definitely from Fragment from the looks of it. It's aptly named as it looks much like a Maoi head from Easter Island and it's moving to start to attack. Gwen will charge in to get its attention moving to pull its agro.

8 Phys, 8 Magic. IF you have another idea ask

Shiruba snorts softly. "Hoggar isn't the Gnoll I'm worried about. The demonic ones are following a different leader." Points for effort in stringing her along, but a little faulty on the details used.

As such Shiruba is just following the group along, paying more attention to her own musings. Honestly she might of walked right into the middle of things with misplaced Maoi, if it wasn't for Windburn giving a warning scree from her shoulder. She looks up at the very specific cry peregrins have for alert, and ohs softly. "Didn't realize we were already at the dungeon." She stuffs her notes away, draws her bow, nocks a magic arrow in it, and fires.

But she wasn't really paying attention to what she grabbed, and the fire arrow just fizzles out against the thing's stony hide.

Would Haru make a short joke to Fuka, who is a full foot shorter than the tall human? "I would never stoop to such a low verbal play on words!" Haru acts shocked, offended, even! "I take the high road, Fuka. Fuka?" He looks straight ahead, as if he can't see her down there. Oh. Right. He looks down. "High road, Fuka," he intones with both of his hands making the 'Aliens' trope gesture.

There is a finger raised while they are taking tailoring orders. "And I'll go for a nice gothy tux," he puts in. With his navy jacket, it isn't too far off anyway. "Oh, and a little tophat for Karen. Spooks time has got to be a busy time of year for your family," he notes to Gwen. Though he isn't trying to ground her excitement from this adventure. "But we can talk about it later. Adventure!"

A look over to Curt and Toshiro gives a short laugh, "I hope not. The dirty side of adventuring, though, yeah? Makes for good tavern stories to embellish upon." The blue eye shifts to the formidable front line, "I think we are well taken care of. Though it does give ideas for scent based Alchemy or Enchantment. Moving and going about is great inspiration for invention and innovation." The white haired man is rather up beat today. First a duel, now an adventure. Its turning out to be a capital sort of time.

The Artificer sees the first encounter of the night and Gwen is off! "Alright. We are going for a clean run. So," he rolls his focus orb from one hand to the next. A small hose-like cord appears, not unlike a water hose, into the hand it left. "Time ta hose ya down," and the water shoots out. Its a solid debuffing tactic against something that large. Its not that he doesn't take the chance to goose Fuka with the water when its all over.

Yeowang nods slowly as Gwen explains what is known about the dungeon. Taking that in, while glancing left and right for wandring monsters, she will follow the group into the dungeon. She's still not up on all the nature business. A cave is a cave, and while changing to a stone cave is weird, it's pretty much all the same to her.

That said, floating moai are weird, but fighting is pretty much her specialty, and -that- is a thing /she's/ done for over ten years. So she can claim experience there, if not with games. On the other hand, these are monsters near the entrance, they're basically a warm up, and a few snap kicks and a spinning back fist is all that ot takes to send them off to pixelly oblivion.

Loosened up, check.

Miyako tagging along, check.

Blades ready, check.

They're going into the dungeon, and who knows what they will find?

Moai, it seems.

(And we're not even playing Gradius!)

"When did we get to Easter Island?" Kotono asks as she brings out her blades and slashes them around. "Not that it matters really. I'm gonna take you all down!" And with that, the Spriggan assassin dashes forwards with her blades slashing!

Toshiro is less than comforted by Miyako's words, her allusions toward 'interesting surprises' making him wonder if this whole thing was a bad call. Fortunately the purple haired warrior pipes up, offering the reassurance he needed. "Thank goodness. I had a big meal before this and I would prefer if it didn't end up on my clothes." Long fingers brushed along the front of the intricately layered fabrics that made up his top, the Chinese inspired ensemble clearly serving to offer more flash than substance.

As the rest of the party charges forward, the Infiltrator chose to keep to the back of the party. When the strange...creature( Could one even call it that? ) appears, he can't help the big of laughter that slips past his jagged teeth. He doesn't bother summoning his blades yet, instead focusing on channeling a Wave Arte centered on the big...head...thing.

"This should be easy enough, I think." His smile grows a bit as the creature finds itself subjected to freezing temperatures, which would cause its defensive capabilities to plummet in both raw defense and evasion. "You all can handle the actual HITTING part, right?"

    Miyako hmms softly, taking in the sight of the monster. "Hmm, well," she muses. "That's different." She pauses, letting the tanks move ahead, as she sets herself to spellcasting. "So what are these supposed to do, wobble and fall over on us?" It's obvious that they're more than that by this point, but she's mocking them, it's a Bard thing. Or maybe it's a Spriggan thing. Or just a Miyako thing.

    "I have just the thing for that," she announces, the spell-runes of her casting glowing black and gathering into a ball in her hand. She lobs it casually at one of the monsters... and ... misses?

    It certainly didn't hit the monster. But it did land in its shadow. And all of a sudden, the monster seems pinned in place. That'll make it easier for the DPS types to actually /hit/ it.....

    "We definitely don't want to run into an undead hor.... OH! Horde! Never mind, I thought you meant something else! Definitely don't want to run into asstrocities, nope!" Fuka companionably claims, in a good mood due to Gwen's enthusiasm. Not that she's ever not in a good mood really, not for long, but her cheer seems undiminished even in the face of Haru's teasing. Then again she's never been one to hold teasing against someone, so long as it's meant in fun. No doubt one reason she gets along so well with Haru. She just rolls her eyes at the tall human. "Brave talk for a man whose knees are in reach!" she blusters, though it's probably clear there's no actual threat behind the words.

    The little sylph cheers as she sees the first encounter. "We're heading for good times!" she yells, brandishing her axe and charging in enthusiastically. She wails about with that weapon with a great deal of power and perhaps not quite so much skill, being careful not to catch teammates with her backswings at least, but otherwise not much caring *where* her blows land so long as she dishes out the hurt and provides some distraction so others can dish out damage and hopefully get in and out unhurt.

    "I would've expected you to use a more BOREING attack, H!" she cries out, seeing the water jet. She can't deny the effectiveness though. Of the group in its entirety in fact, as they make short work of the creature. As it bursts into pixels she splutters when Haru turns the water spray on her. "HEY! I'm entirely clean already!" she insists. "In body at least. If anyone needs hosing down it's not me! Keep your cold showers to yourself!"

Curtana smiles as he confirms the friend request from Gwen and nods towards her. "That's fine with me. I'll be happy to help with them, as long as it's not as ugly as the last abomination I dealt with." That's when he realizes that he failed to send friend invites in the past. He'll have to fix that later.

The traversal into the Dungeon itself is easy enough, and the old halls certainly stands out against the usual dungeon design that he's familiar with. The Moai head was almost passed up as a decoration at first, but as it shifts and starts to move towards him, Curtana draws his longsword free. Instead of trying to strike the stone creature with his sword, the knight instead focuses on a Wave Arte, creating a burst of blinding holy light to throw it off balance. "Back, you Stonehedge reject!"

Gwen would call back to Shiruba

"Then you are crazy to ignore the Demon Gnoll Hogger he may be their progenitor!"

Gwen hasn't caught on to Shiruba being in a strange mood /just/ yet. She'll also be too busy fighting the monster now. Gwen pauses "Karen... Oh Karen not A Karen!"

You could give Gwen a Heart attack as Haru opens up with a burst of magical water which seem to be working to set up Yeowangs melee attack which leaves the thing reeling as Kotono's dark ball slams into it.

"These were an enemy in Fragment!"

Toshiro freezes the thing in place which leaves it open to further attacks from Miyako magical assault. Curtana is able to gets a burst of holy light into it. The thing screeches and is' not looking to be in very good shape, in such bad shape the thing is finished off and explodes into shards of light.

There's some basic drops and some common starter gear from SAO which drops off it.

Gwen humms at her own drops before she moves onwards with a grin and the party gets deeper into the dungeon.

As the party goes deeper they would find they are now in what seems to be stoneworking there are chests all around them but waiting for them is some old Lizardman clearly from the SAO bets and a hulking undead monster from Fragment which reads headless Headhunter. A suit of armour holding its skull in one hand a massive sword in the other and purple flames licking about it.

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Gwen gets an idea as she will not move to engage and calls out

"Use the Terrain against them!"

Ranged vs 9 Melee vs 7 Earth Vs 7

The fire hose of elemental water spraying and reducing the stone monster's defenses finally fades away. Drip drip. "Clean first, right?" the man eyebrow waggles to Fuka. Yes. One can expect a whoollleeee adventure of this banter when those two are along. "And that big Easter Island due was already rocking. He just needed to get a little wet and now," the voice trails as what is left of the creature is in bits, pixels, or pixelated bits. "And now he can go home," he concludes. Goodbye, Moai, and safe travels!

Terrain adjustments? Well then! He gives Shiruba a look as he fans his hand out into a series of crystaline splinters. "Then I guess its time to," he lets the go, pelting the area near the enemy like a good ole Stealth Rock, "rip and tear." From a distance. Where you cant smell it the undead.

Yeowang is quite happy for people to se up up targets for her to smash, her punches quite brutal, though it's more about placement than power. Once these enemies are defeated, she moves on, eying the gear skepticly. Well, the real gear doesn't drop until the end, this is just lowbie stuff. "And this is reminiscent of older games?" she wonders curiously.

She follows deeper, to the area with the worked stone and chests, and hrms. "Perhaps they're finishing the place from the inside out?" It's as good a guess as any.

As far as using the terrain against them, she's not one to pick up boulders with her mind. On the other hand, she can kick a person so hard their eyes cross, and this ability serves her well, kicking the lizard man in the solar plexus so hard that he stops breathing for several moments, which gives her time to DPS the undead monster who seems to be the real target.

    June brough scriptured light punches to the last fight... This time, well iron plates slam over her soft skin leaving her an iron mini minotuar. Her cestus flare with a green light before sharp stone spikes errupt ahead of each of her stomping iron steps and she starts throwing hands. "Bring the pain my dears... listen to this final phrase and learn the pen is mightier than the sword... except in my fist... while I wrote this..."

Shiruba flicks briefly through the drops, then huffs and dumps it into her inventory for later. Nothing that really stands out to her, or looks like it could be worn. Moving on.

"No no no, Gwen. Hogger is the glitched one." At least this is a conversation she can carry on. It's probably better to keep her talking about the subject, because it keeps her attention with the group and not drifting off into the dungeon on her own. "The demon cultist gnolls I'm tracking worship Yeenagi. Who teaches them to use dark magic and summoning rituals. Things the normal gnolls don't utilize. Which is what makes this variant so dangerous. And evil. Definitely evil. Probably causing evil in other places to." She gestures abstractly with her free hand. "I'd show you an example, but the theory board is too big for me to carry around, or the strings and pins might come loose."

Then more monsters. And a headless armor monster. "Damn it. One of the few monsters you can't dispatch with a headshot." Because it's head isn't even attached. "Oh well." She pulls back one of her obsidian tipped arrows in her longbow and fires it through the Headless Headhunter's chest instead. With the force her bow can produce it's enough to punch the arcane stone through even metal armor.

Toshiro shakes his hands off as the first enemy is shattered to pieces, looking as confident as ever with his contribution. "Fragment must have been an even stranger game than this one if it had things like that running around." A quick look across the party suggests that everyone is in good condition, even exchanging quips as if this whole thing is just another walk in the park for them. He remains toward the back of the group as they continue forward, as it seems like the best place for him to remain at the moment. Though what they find as they come across the dungeon's next prompts an exhausted groan from the towering cetus.

"Are you serious? I thought you said there wouldn't be any undead in here." He takes a half step back as he examines the various monsters that filled the room, choosing to focus on the lizard men for the moment. His hands wave through the air as he mutters his incantation, bright yellow eyes shifting between a few of the lizards. If they are to use the terrain against the targets, he would at least try to make it easier for the rest of them. As the Wave Arte is unleashed, faintly glowing green vines coiling around a few of the lizard men like serpents. The thorns dig into their flesh, wedging themselves between their scales and pumping poison into their bodies.

The barrage of elemental strikes against the outcast from Easter Island quickly breaks it down into fragments of light, and Curtana nods his head at the result. "So, these enemies are from Fragment, then? Shame I never got to play it, would have helped a lot..." The bits of loot it dropped doesn't seem to match the usual style he heard Fragment has, so it must be SAO gear. Making a note to look through it later, Curtana pockets his loot before following after the rest of the group.

What seems to be even deeper on only confirms that a bizarre mishmashing of Fragment and SAO is going on, with the style of both kinds of monsters standing out. Taking the initiative, Curtana charges straight for the Headhunter, hoping to gain it's attention quickly. Striking once with his sword to gain aggro, the knight then slams the earth to cause earth to form directly in front of him. Best to keep the giant undead busy with something to break through while the others deal the damage. "Now this is my kind of undead! Classic and doesn't stink to high heaven!"

The Headless Horseman is one thing. But something like this?

"What is that?" Kotono asks with disbelief.

A moment later, she realizes this is the best time to attack first and ask questions later. "I know what it is, it's dangerous!" Kotono yells as she leaps into the air and attempts a diving attack with her blades. "Take this!" She calls out.

    Fuka shakes her head. "I can't believe you tried to get me wet in public!" she says, in a voice so clearly innocent as to practically scream she's faking it. She checks out the loot, but none of it is terribly interesting. "This is mobs from an earlier game, and loot from an earlier game. Difficulty from the earlier game too, I think." she muses. Yeah this is easy enough so far, but who knows if things might pick up later. Maybe this is something where a raid was supposed to fight, not a party! That could be fun!

    Seeing the lizardman and headhunter, Fuka boggles. "Wait, is that Riz'daman's grandpa?!" she says in abrupt shock. Noooo no killing gramps! Instead she focusses on the headhunter. "Dibs on the giant sword!" she claims to no one in particular, grounding her axe and weaving a complex spell instead of going to melee range. Use the terrain? Okay, a good idea, but Fuka thinks it's unnecessary. Just amplify the damage incoming on the mob! Vines wrap around the monster, thorns pointing inwards making the spell more of a threat than a prison.

    "Yeah, you really need to work out a smaller version of that, Shiruba," Miyako comments. "We need to find out more about this Yeenagi. Like, has anyone ever heard of him before?" She shrugs. Then pauses as the she takes in the Headhunter.

    "... who designed this? The dev's six-year-old child?" She sighs and shakes her head, producing a familiar fan and flicking it open to wave some air at her face.

            "In the days of lace-ruffles, peruke, and brocade, Brown Bess was a partner who none could despise,
        An outspoken, flinty-lipped, brazen-faced jade, With a habit of looking men straight in the eyes
        At Blenheim and Ramillie fops would confess, they were pierced through the heart by the charms of Brown Bess!"

    And with her recitation complete, she flicks the fan out towards the monsters, each of its razor-sharp tips sending a bolt of darkness at the creatures!

    "When in doubt," she comments casually, giving the fan a flourish and fanning her face once more, "You can't go wrong with Kipling or Sabaton."

Gwen is totally smelling the undead and she does not like it. Gwen so does not like it at all as Haru opens up.

"They hired a lot of people from various dead MMORPGs and one of the head Devs worked on both Fragment and SAO! Shiruba Hogger was the terror of Stormwind.. wait what... oh god HOGGER IS HERE?! HOGGER IS IN YAMATO?!"

Gwen also now has an answer to where her mother's shipping supplies went. Gwen gets the idea to make the replacement vanish into Shiruba's hands later.

"Tell me later!"

June tears into the thing without much issue.

Gwen calls back.

"Uther didn't run into any when he went in here with mom and their party!"

It looks like the enemies are randomly in this place. As for Toshiro, he gets his payback as he abuses his powers again the Luizardmen the horns rip ingo causing jagged red lines.

"Your getting as bad as my mother Fuka!"

The monsters are not ready for the varied tool kits Adventurers have these days and it's showing.

"There's no surrender, there's no retreat o/~"

Gwen a Sabbtaton fan? It tracks really when you think about it. Miyako's.

The pull of monsters goes down exploding into shards of light. Good news when the undead explodes? The smell goes with it.

There's money some better quality gear drops from these and there's some other loot in the chests once that's done Gwen will be grinning as she leads the party deeper into this. Soon they come into what seems to be a massive storeroom of fabric and the like. There's also armour racks and so many things.

"Huh where's the Boss?"

This can't be good as Gwen goes to inspect some of the fabrics

"Oh would you look at ... wait what's that!?"

The fabric in the room comes to life. Massives bolts of cloth unfurl and grab Gwen rising up into the air and forming into a massive golem-like figure made of fabric.

On the party display Gwen gains duff which reads if she's inspected?

Fabric Golem Mimic life core.

As the thing stands up towering over the party only Gwen's face and upper torso can be seen as the thing starts to swing its massive fists at the party or lashes out with razor-sharp threads at the party.

Melee 9, Physical 10, Tailoring 6

"Fuka," Haru says with his own shock to her contributions to the terrain adjustments, "did you just do a little Earth magic? I'm touched." A hand over his own chest, "the technique was a little boreing, but we can get it to full, capital letters, BOREING in no time." He looks to the giant sword for a moment and opens his mouth. He closes it. That one is too easy. A sophisticated waggle le waggle of the eyebrows will do. Waggle.

There is a touch of consideration for the fallen, "Like a Dullahan, sans a horse. These are very traditional enemies. Makes sense they are from an older game, neigh?" the Artificer offers with a grin.

The grin slowly fades when the fabric in the room comes to life. Haru points to the monster, "In older games, clothes wear you!" He ducks some thread swipes. "Time to go all old timey on this thing, then," the cloth wearing Wave Artes user says as he rolls up his navy jacket. Noodle arms, activate! Behold as the man with no Physical at all charges in and gives it a good smacking of shame damage.

Yeowang listens carefully as it's explained about the old MMORPGs. She has no context, so she just takes it in. She fought Haggar once upon a time, but didn't note anything special about him. He was glitchy, but that's not a thing she can help. But she absolutely helps the fighting, this is clearly not her first rodeo. Or fight, anyway. Her rodeo experience is not there.

When the Fabric Golem Mimic appears, she's into it again, fighting with brutal strikes, kicks and punches, acrobatic and very hard. At first it doesn't accomplish a lot, but she shifts her focus, and now her kicks cause tears in the fabric, her punches leave narrow cuts. It's one of the chi things in the game she sort of gets, or sort of can do, though it's not her first attack choice. But if plan A doesn't work, the sooner you try plan B, the better.

Shiruba stops and stares at Gwen for a moment. "Haggar. Not Hogger. HAGGAR." Though it's just a copyright friendly respelling, so Gwen isn't exactly -wrong-. As to at least what the original Haggar was based on when it came to the original Gnoll duties. But that isn't relevant to the current state of affairs, of Gwen getting herself caught up in a peculiar mess.

"Oh." Shiruba tilts her head to the side for a moment. "It's one of those bosses that takes control of a party member to force people to fight without harming their ally." Then glances to her side. "Showtime, Windburn." The falcon gives a nod of her head, then launchs off Shiruba's shoulder as she spreads her wings. "Find a seam! If we unravel the material it might let Gwen out without harming her!" Her adoptive big sister being in trouble at least seems to snap Shiruba out of her obsessive focus for the time being. So yay?

Windburn flies up, circling around the construct of sewing materials once to avoid it's flailing arms, then swoop in as close as it can get to where Gwen is still poking partway out. Rakes with her talons to grab onto the material and then fly away, going upward to avoid the arms again and try to pull and strain the material far enough in an opposite direction it pulls the golem apart at the metaphysical seams forming it.

Toshiro let out his held breath once the stench of undead finally leaves the scene and scatters into pixels. "Hopefully that's the last of those things, at least." With a shake of his head, he goes to start sorting through the loot, seeking out any manner of useful or valuable goods he could find. His equipment is already top dollar, so there wasn't much personal need for this sort of thing. But there was no telling what could be useful in the future.

Once he has all of his stuff stashed away in his inventory, he moves to follow the rest of the party into the next room. But what follows catches him by surprise, even if it is somewhat mild. He simply raises his brows, hands moving to rest on his hips as the fabric swirls around the purple haired giant and starts violently flailing around. "Dammit, Gwen. You really should be more careful with these things. Everyone, try not to cause her TOO much damage while she's stuck in there." Though it likely wasn't something that needed to be said, it wouldn't hurt to mention it.

Fingers and words worked together to weave a new Wave Art, this one an extremely precise stream of pressurized water. One that aimed to carefully cut through the fabric while leaving the trapped adventurer unscathed. Unfortunately, the technique is a bit too advanced for the inexperienced combatant. The Arte impacts, but lacks the needed pressure to slice through the fabric as intended. "Well shit."

Slice 'n' Dice!

Isn't that right?


Despite being what looks like living fabric, Kotono's blades barely even leave a mark. When the Spriggan realizes what's happened, she shakes her head in disgust. "I need to do better..."

    "I'm never boreing!" Fuka insists to Haru teasingly, moving over to nudge him playfully. Then she frowns. "What do you mean a LITTLE earth magic anyways?" she demands. She catches his playful look though, and rightly figures what he doesn't say. Too easy? Okay sure... but that doesn't stop her! "Hey I like a big weapon you need two hands to use right, okay? Especially if it doesn't need to be pointy and just does damage because it's big!" she complains, regretting not actually getting a decent weapon drop. Even the sword is pretty weak compared to her axe, and definitely inferior to the greatsword she's crafting.

    Still, Fuka's not here for the loot anyways, unless you count getting favours from Gwen to be loot. She grins up at the much larger sylph. "When you say getting as bad, you don't mean it right? Because I think I'm neither 'getting' nor that 'bad' is the right word for it!" she insists with an absolutely huge smirk.

    The grin only lasts as long as it takes for the denim mimic to show up. "PANTDRAGON!" Fuka shrieks. It's not entirely clear whether she's calling Gwen's name here or mistaking that of the boss. But she spins up her axe, launching into a surprisingly effective and well-aimed cleave, spending mana to enhance the technique for the sake of cutting... well, fabric. Much like a single-edged blade from a pair of scissors, only not at all like that really.

    June blinks at the fabric attack "Okay... this shows that they're pulling from our sheets... or listening to us." she shakes her head switching to Elvish she spends some time rambling to herself as she switches plates on her cestus, then switching to Dwarvish she shouts out a battle cry calling into question the creatures construction, it's artistic value, and even it's material properties... she knows how to hit... below the belt. Between her glowing cestus and her iron horns she's doing a number on fabric.

This is about the third time that he has heard about Hogger, and Curt can't help but ask. "Is Hogger really that dangerous? I don't remember anything by that name so...i'm just curious." Curt raises his hands as if to ward off any calls for him to turn in his gamer card coming soon.

The Headhunter and it's lizardman allies may have put up more of a fight than the Moai, but they shatter all the same once all the battles are done. The items dropped and salvaged from the chests are added to Curtana's growing 'to be examined' pile, but so far just items that would look well for glamour purposes than actual combat. "It's nice to do some dungeons that don't have that moldy tomb smell, anyways." Curtana really does seem to comment a lot on smells in dungeons, if he stopped to think about it...

The joking attitude he's been relaxing into instantly fades away as Gwen is swarmed by the rolls of fabric in the latest room, and he grits his teeth when he couldn't do anything to halt it. "Damn it! Gwen, we're coming!" Then again, who expect fabric to be so vicious?

Taking a calming breath and letting it out slowly, Curtana runs a hand down the length of his blade and pushes waves of rippling down the length. The blade shimmers in his grasp before he charges towards the golem. Leaping upwards, he swings the blade down in a two-handed swing, the Ripple helping his blade cut a path.

        "Oh, we're all met t'gether here, to sit and to chat
        Wi' our glasses in our hands, and our work upon our back
        There's nay a trade among 'em that can mend or can mak'
        If it wasnae for the work of the weavers!

        If it wasnae for the weavers, wha would ye do
        Ye wouldna ha' the cloth that's made o' wool
        Ye wouldna hae the coat o' the baclk or the blue
        If it wasnae for the work of the weavers!"

    Miyako grins as she switches to a new song, mocking the beast even as she dances in to engage it with the rest. (She certainly does her best to not be /boring/!) Swift but precise cuts form her fans tease at the stitching of the golem, picking it apart at the seams. Best to leave it intact for whatever Gwen has in mind for it, after all! The Spriggan dances in and out of shadow as she works her way around the beast, nimbly evading its attacks as she picks it apart.

        "Oh there's sojers and there's sailors, and glaziers an' all
        There's doctors, and there's ministers, and them that make the law
        And our friends in South America, tho' them we never saw
        But we know they wear the work of the weavers!"

Gwen is not very happy but the debuff has kept her from talking her eyes re daring about as the boss attacks the party. She'd laugh at Haru's joke if she could but she can't at the moment. Yeowang is able to do some serious damage to the monster, with her very body which is a weapon and then some. Shiruba would not comfort Gwen much about Hogger/Hagger. Thankfully some of Gwen's tailoring has rubbed off on her sister, as the plan is working and does a good bit to work towards getting Gwen free as Gwen starts to struggle within her prison.

Toshiro chews Gwen out a bit but in her defence, this has never happened to her before. She does shoot Toshiro a bit of a pained look as he keeps using his Wave Arts which don't work so well sadly. Kotono having a hard time but the boss seems to be weakening from the overall assault, Curtana and June are doing some seriously good work here as Miyako comes up with even more magic thankfully with all the damage done? From spell, blade and otherwise Gwen is able to finally fall free, the massive boss lets out a roar before it explodes into shards of light, the drops from it? Bolts of high-quality cloth.

Gwen hits the ground with a thud shakes herself off and as she's on the ground her eyes go wide. "Wait... is that?!"

She eyes a suit of black armour on an armour wrack. She bolts upright goes to grab it and takes it into her inventory quickly after she equips it and she's clad in what is some sort of black Heavy Blade Armour while more covering than the some of the old heavy blade amours but still the armoured black boots, the tabbed going down her body, the gauntlets and shoulder pauldrons. Also, the sword with the glowing red edge seems to have Gwen bouncing about hugging just about anyone who will let her.

(OOC The armour set

She then finds a blue combat dress almost with a fur collar which she'll hand to her adopted sister. The rest of the horde is old Heavy Blade sets, Blade Masters, Wave Masters, a number of SAO sets there are a lot of actually really nice combat skirt outfits for the ladies there as well.

(OOC What shiruba got

Toshiro lets out a breath of relief as the beast vanishes like the others before and allows its captive to fall to the ground. A hand reaches up to brush some of the hair away from his face, lips curling back into their usual smile. "At least it seems you all found what you came for. All sacrifices are worthwhile in the name of fashion." As he speaks he brushes behind Gwen, giving her a soft pat on the back as the new suit of armor covers her body. "Looks good on you, by the way. Really shows off what you're workin' with." The Were Fang tosses the woman a quick wink before going to dig through things himself to see what he could find

Unfortunately, none of the gear here really spoke to him. It was nice and all, but it simply isn't his style. Though if he's disappointed, it's impossible to tell from the look on his face. Instead he seems to simply be enjoying what's here, even if none of it is for himself specifically. "This is quite the treasure trove you've found here. Hope you don't mind me taking a few pieces to share with the rest of the world."

Windburn lets out a skree as the fabric is cut and unwravels, releasing Gwen, letting go and returning to Shiruba. "Good girl." A bit of jerky is offer, which the raptor snatches up in her beak without issue. Falconeering was definitely a good choice to apply her skills to. "You okay Gwe--" But she's already in hype mode going through the racks. "--Yeah, she's just fine." Though she does get a little concerned when Gwen returns with something for her as well. "Uh. Thanks?"

Though once she selects it and puts it on. "Huh. This is actually not that bad." She gives the chest protector a light tug. "Actual accurate archery protection. That's a surprise." And the bottom being open the way it is instead of a full dress means her mobility in the wilderness won't be hindered.

Yeowang looks on in the aftremath of the fight, panting a bit, but now that it's over, she's looking over the loot. "Interesting theme," she observes with a dry chuckle, looking out to make sure there's no leftover adds or last minute fighters left. "Everyone OK?" she checks. Not that she's much use if people aren't, but that's the first thing to verify after a big fight.

Haru is glad to see Gwen is okay, but has seen her take far worse punishment at Carmina keeping his squishy cloth self from being mauled by the Palace Landers. Watching the bounding for the new outfit confirms it. "Alright, time to go shopping for an alternative look." Fashion demands it. He has Steampunk Haru, Casual Haru, and Adventuring Haru. He takes his time looking for something that fits. Benefit of being cloth armored is that thar be options!

Gwen says "Go ahead take what you like I got whaty I was working for. I thought you might like this one Shiruba!" Gwen is beaming and nods to Yeowang. She's also going through the various items here. "Wait this looks like Silver Knight's armour without the horns..."

The whole thing is over, and Kotono isn't too interested in the loot or anything like that. She figures she'll let Miyako decide what to get. After all, she's good at picking out matching outfits for the two of them.

The magical cloth golem certainly seem to have stronger resistances than the rest of the monsters residing in the dungeon, perhaps as a side effect from using Gwen as it's core? Nevertheless, it seems like the others here in the dungeon were choosing not to sacrifice Gwen just to deal extra damage to the construct. Even if there's nothing on the blade except for some leftover strings, Curtana flicks the blade before sheathing his simple longsword. "Whew, everyone al-hrk!"

The strange sound from him likely has something to do with Gwen's new choice in armor. Rapidly changing in color from tanned to a vibrant red, Curtana quickly faces the wall and coughs into a closed fist. "Um...i'm happy you're enjoying the new armor, Gwen?"

Thankfully, there's still some loot to claim, and Curt takes hold of a set of old Blademaster, a greenish blue with spikes on the pauldrons. Certainly nothing he would wear, but the fabric drops and the armor would certainly sell well to other Adventurers. "I'm fine with my current set still. A little worn but still servicable!" The hedge knight gives a quick thumbs up to Yeowang and nods. "If anyone needs any healing, I know a bit of healing as well!"

    Miyako smiles lightly, finishing her song as the beast collapses, then stepping in to examine the drops and the possible... fun stuff... available. "Hmmm," she muses. "What do you think, Ko-chan? I'm in a bit of a Wuxia mood this month." She passes over most of the armor pieces, but does pick out a couple of small items, vambraces and gloves, mostly. Then she pauses and hmmmmmms again, and ...

    "Hey. Ko-chan. C'mere. Found something you'll like." That's impressive. It's not often you see a matched set of anything in a treasure hoard, unless it's something meant to be used together, like daggers. In this case, it's a delicate-seeming kimono-style top, with two-tone violet trim and matching obi and pants. "Some very nice bonuses on this one... not just to dex but stealth and speed as well. And the boots have a few nice tricks too." She grins and flicks one set into her inventory, then dons it and poses. "What do you think?"

Shiruba nods approvingly. "Looks good, you guys." She's not sure where Miyako decided to go all Wuxia from but it seems to work. "Though I don't see any Gnoll stuff, so I think you're safe from any Hoggers or Haggars Gwen." Still not entirely sure what's going on with the names there, but no need to weird Gwen out while she's in a good mood now.

Toshiro perks up a bit at the mention of Wuxia, quickly turning toward Miyako with a curious glint in his eye. "Excuse me?" He steps closer, examining the outfit presented as he closes the gap. While maintaining a proper distance, of course. When Kotono definitely gives their seal of approval, the towering Were Fang nods in agreement. "I would agree. Personally I would say such a style suits you well. Glad to meet someone of at least somewhat similar tastes." He moves to flick one of the various tassels dangling from his own rather Chinese inspired ensemble, a hint of pride entering into his smile.

    June pokes about until she finds something that looks like it was made for her asthetic... that is to say... Red Sonja wore or would wear it with it's short leather strap skirt and bare mid drift chainmail top.