The Die Is Cast

Roll 1d6 to keep your fractured bones in place.

Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

With the war raging on, impromptu camp hospitals pop up and disappear all over Yamato. Some are fleeting things for just one battle. Some stay put until a crisis is resolved. Some have been set up once and never disbanded.

It is unclear what kind this is, but much to Uta's relief, someone has set up such a camp hospital just outside Crescent moon. The Spriggan staggers in, exhausted, still in her Shadow Festival dragon costume -- a tight-fitting full body suit covered in leather scales, red at the bottom, and turning the colors of twilight as one moves upwards. Her left arm is resting in a piece of cloth tied around her neck.

"Oh... uh...", she mutters, as she looks between the camp hospital and the building. "...I can't remember whether I came here for a burger or for some medical procedure...", she states with a frown. "...and if it is the latter, whether I'm supposed to undergo or perform it", she says, scratching her head.
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

Gwen has been working today to help with the load of people in need of medical attention. Even more so she's in a nurse outfit a very fun one too. She's even got a little cap on her head, also said outfit looks like Morri designed it. Looks like she got one over on Gwen for once.

"Uta! What's happened to you!"

Gwen lookc concenred.

"We can get you a burger later but clearly you need medical attention!"

With the same zeal as making her outfits.

"Come lets get you patched up also who did this to you!?"
Soujiro Seta
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

Carmina. The town of beginnings. A place to begin again! Souji looks a lot like an Adventurer who decided the Edo period Samurai were the coolest(tm) and is walking around town owning the style. Kind eyes. Warm smile. This wouldn't be all that strange by itself if it wasn't for the half-dozen Lander women that are behind him like he is tugging them along by an imaginary rope. Has Souji found out how to pull mobs from Landers? Maybe!

"Are you running a special event," Souji asks one of the wait staff in front of Crescent Burger when he notices the wait staff. Is this 'health awareness' month? Wow, those injuries look super realistic. "N-No, sir, this is a hospital." One can hear the air go from one ear to the other as Souji has the sort of smile that one might consider 'Did he get that? He looks confident enough. Surely he understood it.' "I'll take a burger with cheese," he says, raising a finger. Hungry samurai is hungry. "O-Okay," the flustered waitress says, skuttling inside to get the food. Pitter Patter feet for Pitter Patter hearts. Speaking of which, he notices what he /assumes/ is a nurse. No, not Uta. Gwen. "That is awfully kind of you to offer to help out like this," he tells Nurse Gwen, "warriors are always getting hurt, right? What would we be without helpful healers patching us up?" The later goes to Uta, having their /real/ roles completely backwards when not in costume.
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

"Oh, hi, Gwen!", Uta exclaims. "Uh, well, I... I got mined, I guess?", she says with a frown. "We went on a quest in Ninetails. Big chasm. Undead miners. Used to be an adventurer, then I took a hammer to the arm. Or was it a pickaxe?" Frowns. Looks down. "Oh, yeah, I tried to go for a splint, but I was one arm short. So I had to set things up temporarily this way. Good thing I had anesthetic available." She pokes at the leather scales that cover her arm. "This costume's design... really clever of you. It is, effectively, light leather armor. My arm broke, but this thing doesn't even have a scratch."

Uta stares at Gwen, tiredly. "Also, uh, after what happened at the end of my recent Strange Mood, I think I'm going to need a new uniform-"

Silence. Suspicious side-eyes at Gwen.


"...I mean, uh, there's another subject we need to discuss at a later date. I COMPLETELY FORGOT WHAT IT IS," she says, looking down and away, with a deep blush and some concern.

Her head is kept low as the Samurai approaches, but it would seem that, despite her likely not seeing him arrive, she has heard him: "I am not always getting hurt," Uta mumbles in weak protest at the approaching samurai, still looking down, red in the face. "I can also scream in panic! I am very versatile!" Once that is out of the way, the Dragon-clad Spriggan returns to beam. "It -is- very kind, indeed!", exclaims Uta. "Warriors you find everywhere, but It's so hard to find qualified medical professionals these days, given the war and refugee crisis going on. I'm glad I've found Gwen. You've met Gwen, right? Gwen, please meet-"


Turn to the Samurai. "Er... who did you say you were, again?," she asks. "And you? And you? And you? And you?", this time addressing each lander Woman in turn.
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

Gwen beams at Soujiro for a moment "Yes I'm actually a main tank I just can off heal I admit! I have done a lot in the tower you know! Even the waves as well."

Gwen's attention turns back to Uta for a moment as she looks her friend over. "Don't worry about the costume!"

Also please ignore someone namely Morri is picking in under the tent quietly watching all of this with quite the gleeful look on her face. God only knows what's going on in her head.

Gwen Sighs

"Uta this way let's get your arm properly set then I can apply some healing to it. As for those undead I think I should holy nuke the site from orbit..."

She turns her attention once more to Soujiro Seta.

"Good to meet you I am Gwen Pendragon and ... I could use a hand with Uta here if you'd be willing?"

Morri just gets more excited abotu this...yet somehow stays quiet.
Soujiro Seta
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

"Soujiro Seta," says Soujiro Seta in a Soujira Seta kind of way. That name seems familiar to those that were around Elder Tale before the Apoc. Along the same wth Shiroe, Nyanta, and that little ninja. What was it? The Doubledown Tea Party? Debauchery Tea Party! THAT Soujiro? "My friends call me Souji, though, so feel free," he says with the sort of backlight charm that gives radiating sparkles. One of the Landers swoons and faints, but another catches her. Sisterhood, we got you covered! The ones that CAN respond to Uta go in order: Alice, Beatrix, Cindy, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Felicia...

There is a moment where Souji takes a moment to elate over Gwen's tankiness, "Me too. Vengeance Form Samurai with group damage shield protection." Not unlike Anchor Howl, but with an angry samurai. "If we ever party up sometime, I'd love to see some tank shirking action. Anything harming that pretty face while you are in main would get a healthy amount of retribution from my katanas." He looks as menacing as a kitten playing in a sunbeam with that smile. It turns to the blushing, or blush recovering, Uta, "or anyone that would make you scream in panic. Which," he points to the pickaxe, "it looks like someone already has. Can you give the fiend a name so I can hunt across land, sea, and air to make it right?" Divine Swordsman, the man for the job in murderlating things already dead.

As for helping with Uta he looks to the waitress, getting his burger. "Sure thing. What do you need a hand with?" he looks to Uta, then to Gwen. "There /are/ few good medical professional arounds, you are right. Saints from above, them," he says with as sincere a voice can be while monching on a burger immediately after.
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

"Soujiro Seita," Uta relays, "But friends call him Souji; then there's Alice, Beatrix, Cindy, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Felicia...", Uta repeats, gesturing to each of them in turn.

"I could use a hand too," Uta replies to Gwen. "I used to have two available, but then I took a hammer to the arm."

"Oh, uh, I think it's a bit hard to hunt the perpetrator down at this point, it got destroyed during the battle. But, uh, if you want me to give it a name... I can name him Keith? That works?" Yes, Keith. In English. Despite Uta speaking Japanese at the moment.

Morri goes unnoticed. Another success for the Spriggans' racial sneaking!

"Anyway, uh, here's my hand," says Uta, pointing at her broken forearm. "We have nukes? We can launch things into orbit? Man, I've missed -so much- during my Strange Mood..."

A pause. "Oh, right, I forgot!" She turns towards Soujiro Seita and his entourage. "Uta Furore, Adventurer, Aerialist," she bows. "Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

Gwen says "Souji it is then good sir and wait ... wait your part of the Debauchery Tea Party?! You are one of Natosgu's friends?!"

Gwen had worked with the Devil in Glasses early on after everyone ended up here and she's even purged with the group's main tank too.

"That sounds like it could be fun at some point! Just even if you can help ferry supplies about to free up those who have healing abilities would be great, could you fetch me the box from the shelf over there while I prep Uta?"

Morri almost makes an excited noise at this.

She will then attempt top get Uta to lay down.

"Take off the costume we'll need to make sure this is set before I heal you. Then you'll have a hand you can uyse again!"
Soujiro Seta
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

Keith. That name shall be etched upon a blade and that blade thrust deep into it's skull. May all undead fear the pain brought upon them by Keith. "Gave as good as you got, then. Pickaxe for utter destruction, you are impressive, Uta Forore," Souji says with a smile. Ok, maybe Keith is off the hook. However Uta is getting attention from Souji which causes a lot of fangirl starrrrreeeee at her. Not that Souji seems to overly notice in comparison to Gwen's comment. "Natosgu? Yes, we fought together all the time and he is quite capable," he says while politely not mentioning his distain for how he treats the ladies. Warm Souji is Warm. Until he isn't. Then KEITH SHALL PAY. "I can do that," he goes to get a box, but Alice rushes ahead to get it instead. "Or that one," but Beatrix grabs that box. Souji walks over to Gwen with the two Lander ladies that handle the medical equipment. "I'll give you two some privacy, fortunately Alice and Beatrix here are great gals who got those boxes for you, Gwen."
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

A swish of her hand, and Uta's menu is open. Swipe, swipe, swipe, she scrolls through her inventory. "Uh..." Squint. "Uh..." Squint harder. "Er... No..." Hesitation. "I guess this will have to do?"

Uta jabs an entry, and her costume shimmers out of existence, quickly replaced by a very generic Adventurer's outfit, in tones of yellow and brown/orange. "This one bares the arm completely," Uta comments. "No gloves that get in the way."

A very confused glance is what Uta offers back to the fangirls staaaaaaaaaring at her, as if for silently asking, "What?"

Still unsure of why all these fangirls have suddenly decided to stare at her, she lies down when instructed, and while waiting for Gwen to operate, she asks, "Debauchery Tea Party? Naotsugu? Uh... sorry, is it something I should know about?"

But the question is distant. Absent. Why could it be that all those women stare at her? What could she possibly have done to deserve such a degree of disapproval? What-

...oh no. Could it be that...


"Aaaaaah!", Uta squeals, quietly, barely audible. "I am not wearing a hat! My social status among Adventurers! It must have plummeted!"

And this is the day we have learned why Uta was pretty much never seen in public without her nurse's cap.
Carmina Gadelica Marina - Crescent Burger

Gwen grins as she hears Soujiros repoly.

"Though he really needs to get someone...seriously." Given one of her guildmates and the Natsogu might have a thing going on it could be handled. She doesn't know for sure she looks to the girls who get her the boxes.

"Thank you, ladies!"

Gwen notes as she'll get to work on Uta she'll make sure the bone is set it might hurt a bit should it need to be done then comes the magic the bone will knit faster and Uta will feel a bit better after Gwen's done.

"Take it easy for a few days and you should be.

Morri gets more excited but then things are not going the way Morri vision would want she also clonks her head and Gwen pauses looking over.

"Uta I'll get you your burger combo but one moment.... MOTHER WHAT THE SAM HILL ARE YOU DOING SPYING ON US YOU COUGAR! YOU ALREADY HAVE DAD!"

With that Gwen chases after her mother like a bat out of hell.