Duty Session 527: A Pirate's Life For Me

Kaydon has been made aware of a group of undead pirates that have been hoarding cursed treasure, and needs assistance in clearing them out and recovering it to be cleansed. The pirates have been raiding Fourland Dukedom ships and hoarding the gold in their lair on a disused island off the coast.

Difficulty:    Moderate
Rec. Party:    3+
World Rewards: Less piracy affecting the Fourland Dukedom.

Castle Eas - Dome of Stars

Pirates. You can't live with them. You can't live without them.

Which is why Kotono is seeking help in taking them out. This is one Spriggan who is not afraid of anything, even the thought of walking the plank or... who knows what else pirates do?

As Kotono waits for the others, she proceeds to do some stretching to get herself warmed up and ready to go. After all, nothing would be more embarrassing than pulling a muscle during a battle, right?
Soujiro Seta
Castle Eas - Dome of Stars

Where there are pirates there are samurai, ninja, and undead. Occasionally there is a magical girl in the mix, but only if the title permits to be extra long. Enter one Soujiro Seta, taking up the Samurai slot of the token trope title. He keeps a happy smile on his face and a hand over the hilt of one of his katanas to get the full 'wandering samurai' look down. Oh hey, a breeze, perfect for making his kimono and ponytail waver. Waver waver. Wavers. Sign your waivers before entering this ride.
Castle Eas - Dome of Stars

Goldenblade is geared up for another foray against the suspected pirate lair site. She's been several times, and is beginning to question whether the intel is right or not. But the party has discussed what needs to be done, and it looks like we have it covered as best we can. She does one last check of her gear, not that she needs to because the game doesn't really support leaving stuff on a shelf at home. The wonders of Inventory. Swords, armor, belt with stuff, backpack, cloak, badge from Westelande.

"All right," she says, and with a steady tone, she says, "We /almost/ had this planned out /last/ time. Does everyone have their gear and stuff and their plan for our initial search?" She looks around to each player, and says, "I'd really like to find that lair this time. We know the caves are mostly underwater and -filled- with giant crabs. They're not /too/ tough, so don't worry about them much, I think. Frankly, the hardest part each time I've been down has been the overgrown vines in the caves. We may just be better off taking it slow through there, it blunts blades like nobody's business."
Castle Eas - Dome of Stars

One look over the gathering point and there is nothing there to see.
But by the time one's gaze passes back a second time, there's a foxwoman standing there, parasol resting upon one shoulder and tails curled about her legs. True to her mystical vulpine nature Daiyu has managed to walk up at the point no one was looking in her direction. "There is no wrong in being properly prepared beforehand. Especially for a search."
Castle Eas - Dome of Stars

    And of course, where there is Kotono, Miyako is rarely far away. While Kotono stretches out, Miyako sits on a stump nearby, guitar in her lap as she plays.

        When the wind's away, and the wave's away,
        that crazy old fool will go out on the bay,
        Dodgin' the ledges and settin' his gear,
        and come back when the wind drives him in.

        But he knows full well that the fishin' is done
        His credit's all gone, and the winter is come
        Yet sure as the tide will rise and run,
        He'll go back on the bay again....

    She pauses as she sees others approaching, it seems it's about the time to get heading off to search for pirates again. "Hello again, friends. I have to agree with Gwen, we really need to find that bloody lair entrance. I for one intend to put an end to this bit of idiocy."
Castle Eas - Dome of Stars

Pirates huh? Well here was Gwen and she had a new outfit that would be good for fighting likely very high speed foes. Right? Pirates are the western counter to Ninjas if she got it right. She's got a poofy blouse on with a choker, white bows adorn the wrists a white tabbard is ab9out her waist with a big white bow on her back. Black thigh and short boots finish the outfit off.

(OOC https://i.imgur.com/F4Uttl1.jpg Mystic Knight Gwen!)

"Time to find some pirate booty and kick it!"