Duty Session 577: The Mountain Memorial

During the time of the Firefly Festival, it is common for people to seek out old memorials in order to pay tribute to those who have passed. However, not all remembrance sights are easy to reach and some have been overrun by monsters over the years. A group of travelers have reached out to the Hunter's Guild, looking for aid from Adventurers in order to trek to a memorial stone seated high in the mountains. It will be a dangerous journey, but they seem willing to brave it in order to honor their ancestors.

OOC: This quest is only available during the Firefly Festival. This quest is largely 'Combat'-concept based.

Difficulty:    Easy
Rec. Party:    3+
Rewards:       1
World Rewards: None

Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Even with the warmth of late summer, the high reaches of the mountain
range still show snow against a brilliant blue sky. At least, for now,
it is relatively pleasant weather at the base of the mountain, where
greenery and trees still grow.

Three landers stand, looking anxious, awaiting their Hunter's Guild
guards. It seems to be a family, with older and younger members who
have been chosen to take the long journey to the memorial site. The
Landers have brought heavy coats, walking sticks, and backpacks full
of provisions, likely over-prepared for what lies ahead.

A Hunter's Guild representative stands with them, welcoming the
Adventurers. "Simple task. Get these folks up the mountain to the
memorial and back. Shouldn't be too difficult for Adventurers like
yourselves." He sounds confident of that fact.

Looking after the traditions and wellbeing of the Landers of Yamato is well within what the New World Alliance stands for. Haru shows up to this request partly out of responsibility. The other part is this lingering feeling that being steeped in the past is important to him. Does anyone want to feel sad around this dour Chuuni? Show of hands? Lets go! "They are safe in our hands. Any one of us would be able to secure safe passage. A group of us will be more than enough to handle any complications along the way," he informs the representative as people are showing up or have already been here. The Artificer dusts off his cloak, walking with a quiet purpose ahead to gaze up the mountain trail. "Its so peaceful out here," he says to no one in particular.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Daiyu arrives with her usual graceful stride, parasol resting upon one shoulder as always. She pauses to bow to Haru. "Thank you for allowing me to accompany you. I have been attempting to study more of the culture and traditions of Yamato, and a Festival adventure certainly seems like a fine oppritunity to do so." She stands, tails flicking idly as she lifts one hand to adjust her spectacles. "Even I can only learn so much from reading." Translation from librarian: she's already found and ready most of the books she could in the multi-alliance libraries on the matter.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Goldenblade has shown up for the quest because it is festival time, and around festival time, you do festival things. It's no real moral issue, though she does have issues of her own related to the holiday, but it's more about participating in the world than in any particular RP urge. But she is a Legend, she does have a greater connection to the people, perhaps, but that comes, as the spider men say, with great responsibility. "We did something like this last year. I suppose there's someone every year that needs adventurers to back them up."
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Kaydon has actually been looking for Daiyu, and his attempts to track her have brough him to where the group is gathering. He figures that is rather fortuitous, and will join the raid, and use it as a chance to pitch the help he needs to Daiyu.

The gnoll were fang moves up next to Daiyu, and gives her a faint grin, "Good to see you on this side of the battlefield for once."
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Gwen is clad in armor that might be strange to Daiyu, and to the rest of the party? Well it's just one Gwen is very fond of in the end. She's glad in her 'Heavy Blade" Armor and seems to not think twice about it as she joins up with her friends.

"So good to see you again Kaydon, Uther's been wanting to talk about jarhead things with you when you get a chance. Also it's been far too long since we teamed up. Goldenblade glad to ahve you along, I may have some construction jobs for your business in the future!"

Oh gods what is she planning now?

Haru she just gives a shark eating grin to.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

There is a look from Haru's pretty face over towards Daiyu as she expresses gratitude. It is hard to tell if Haru approves of this as he generally wears a face of neutrality with a thin smile. He turns the rest of the way to bow in proper etiquette, "I hope that you find this experience enriching to your studies." Then a look to Goldenblade through the one blue eye, "I liken it to visiting the shrines at New Years. Around this time is when people make the journey." And a look to Gwen with the whole wind tussling his white hair. Whats the grin for? Reasons!

The pass that leads up the mountain trails through an area of dense
forest, filled with the usual sounds of bird calls and animals
chittering. It is a relatively pleasant walk, without much in the way
of dangers.

That is, until they reach an area where the ground grows more rocky
and the trees begin to diminish into sparse clusters. A bit of wind
whips through the area, though the heat reflecting off the nearby
rocks keeps the air warm.

It's easy to spot the bears, even in the distance. Massive
brown-furred creatures seem to be clustered around what might be a
kill of some sort, though it is little more than meaty gore at this
point. Blood covering their muzzles, the bears immediately notice the
travelers, likely taking them for a threat.

A roar sounds first from the largest of the three, followed by the big
male charging in their direction. It is likely a bluff of some sort,
and someone trained enough in how to deal with animals might be able
to send the bears on their way. Otherwise, they are easy enough to
frighten off with sound. Frightening them off physically might be
possible, but... may not be wise.

On the other hand, Haru is uncharacteristically unfit for rugged exploration and combat for New World Alliance. He is a crafter first, an adventurer second, and a fancy man with a monocle always. "I can bearly believe this is our first complication," he says, and if there is any question about the intentionality of the pun when Haru has such a stoic voice, "No matter. It will not give us much paws in our journey." One of the four ioun stones at his side zips up to the bear and shocks with static electricity. Then a second, a third. Regular shock treatment on the creature to divert its course away from the party and 'calm down' aggressive behavior.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Daiyu nods to Kaydon. "The same to you. It is nice not having to draw weapons upon seeing anyone."

Farther conversation for the moment is cut short as they already have their first encounter. The parasol is put away, so Daiyu can draw and open her warfans. "Somehow, being normal bears and not bears combined with beavers does not make them any less intimidating." She sweeps her fans together to create a loud boom of air pressure, but it's quickly drowned out by others more potent and voluminous attempts.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

"After we're done here, I'd love to talk to you about something." Kaydon says to Daiyu, as he walks along with the group. Unfortunately it doesn't take long before the sounds of roaring catches Kaydon's attention, as he turns to face the bears. They could fight them easily enough, sure, but Kaydon has a better idea.

He puts himself between the bears and his group, and roars back at them with his intimidating gnoll roar, trying to run them off before the group has to go into close combat.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Goldenblade looks puzzled to Gwen, and says, "I'm happy to help out if you need. I don't have a construction business, per se. I make things for friends, but it's not a business. It's just what I do." She nods to Haru, and agrees, "Yes, this is what you do at this time of year."

She will follow the group up the trail and through the woods, pausing as we stumble into some bears mid-supper. And it looks like they're interpreting us as competition. Well, we can drive the bears off. Bears never worry about the freshness label, they can come back after we've passed. So when the bear rears up and growls, her blades come out, and it's a fight, slashing at the bear and avoiding its angry swipes until it decides that their supper is not woth getting slashed up by Goldenblade. She deos not pursue it, she's got nothing against the bear. But she's estrablished a pecking order between her and the bear, with her on top.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Gwen looks to Hary and nods for a moment. She seem to catch the look Haru gives back and she grins back too. She has ideas comming together and she may need some help with that. Still she's not quite there yet, but what is ahead she heads up with the group an they are jumped. She looks over and smirks.

"I will grin and bear it."

Then comes the wind spells trying prod it so it goes else where...after all anirmal don't like sharp wins in the snoot.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

"The beavers could not be bothered to attend. They found honey and stopped giving a," Haru says as his next word is censored by a bear roaring. "Excellent, Gwen. Wordplay most elegant," Haru says in a gentlemanly way for the punnery.

Not far from the edge of the trees, the path curves along a rocky
slope leading upward. Eventually, it seems to vanish into a dark cave
which has been etched out of the mountain side. Inside, it becomes
clear that this was once a mine, now abandoned and empty.

At least, it seems so at first. Abandoned mine carts and broken tools
are discarded in tunnels along the main pathway, while some areas seem
to have been blocked off completely by landslides over the years.
There is a fine layer of dust on most things, but that also means that
there is obvious signs that they are not the only ones to have passed
through here.

Tiny, almost lizard-like footprints give an indication that something
else dwells down here in the darkness. This is enough to alarm the
Landers, who all seem to stick closer together, letting the
Adventurers take the lead.

Eventually, they reach a place where some rocks have been placed in
the road, almost too intentionally, and that is where the ambush is
sprung. Colorful kobolds scurry from the darkness, pointing rusted
spears and weapons at them, chittering in some language that is beyond
their comprehension.

Haru runs a finger along an abandoned mine cart on the way in. The collected dust is appraised through his monocle before being shook off. Curiosity. Something that would distract and take him by surprise when those colorful kobolds spring into action. It does not. A pillar of earth springs from the ground to deflect one that leaps towards him. The kobold faceplants into it. "Didn't anyone tell you," he says as he turns with a glint in his monocle to the kobold, "don't pick a fight with an Earth master in a cavern? Allow me to educate you as to why." The kobold shakes his head. He doesnt want to know why! He has no option as a large rock drops atop and crushes him, little legs and arms twitching outside of it before the monster breaks into pixeldust.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Daiyu groans softly at Gwen's pun. "There's no need to bruin the mood like that," she retorts. She's an author, puns aren't going to bother her. Groaning is a gesture of appreciation. Then to Kaydon "I will be visiting Eas for a time if you need to find me later as well."

She then stops, noticing the change in demeanor of the Landers as the group procedes. The sharp eyes of a scout pick up the tracks, near rocks too effectively placed to be a natural landslide. "An ambush..." sure enough, there's kobolds from the depths coming to cause problems. Daiyu grimaces, even as she draws one of her enchanted spheres from her inventory. "Attacking us is not a bright idea... but this is!" She executes a near perfect ping pong serve with one of her fans, launching the sphere towards the kobolds where it explodes brightly to overwhelm the subterrainean dwellers.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Goldenblade will once again rush in, facing off the kobolds this time, but they're tougher than she anticipated, and she's taking more hits back than she planned on taking as she fights furiously now, fractically, to extricate herself from this little miscue. "Damned stupid kobolds," she complains, though she can no more speak to them than they can understand her. But they understand her blades, and if she's taking too much damage, she's dishing it out as well. It is, as they say, a bloody mess, and she's the cause of a lot of it at this point, having waded in perhaps incautiously.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Kobolds. If they weren't always being so...Like they are, maybe they could be useful. Maybe some day they will evolve like the Landers are doing, Kaydon thinks. But for now, well. It's clobberin' time!

Kaydon rushes in, clsoing the gap between himself and the kobolds, not using his gunblade, instead it seems Kaydon has brought some kind of halberd with him to use, testing out some of his own merchandise it seems!
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Gwen says "Thank you! I feared you thought it might be ursine."

She is done honest as they get past the bear thing seem to be going well. They find footprints, but she's not a tracker so there's not much she can do there. She will however be on guard now as there could be more ah har she sees the Kobolds and smirks.

"I think you all should be enlightened!"

She starts chantin and uses a healing spell to support the part but the healing area about Gwen isn't the big thing, it's the massive blinding flash of light the kobolds may not like at all.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

After what seems like an eternity trapped underground, the way angles
up again. As the cave opens up into the mountainside again, the light
from the day's travels has dwindled, leaving a brilliant red and gold
sunset that is breathtaking this high up in the mountains.

The journey continues through narrow ledges in the stone, sometimes
making the party have to walk single-file. Along one section, large
boulders seem to have become nesting places for some sort of feral
birds. The ground is littered with avian refuse.

From above, there is a squawk of alarm which seems to rally a number
of others. Wingbeats follow as dire eagles take flight, trying to
protect their nesting place from these intruders. Soon, birds are
diving at them in numbers, sharp talons slashing out towards the party
members and Landers alike.

Look at that sunset. Haru takes a moment to appreciate it before going on. Its not every day you get this perspective. When the birbs come out, Haru shows himself as a particularly birb-y expert. He does have a Phoenix, after all. The four ioun stones sail away from him, pulsing in a dull light to enchant the avian assailants. Leaning into their nature that these mosters wish to guard their birby families. "Avians are seen as proud creatures," he says as he walks without fear of being attacked, "and they are. Lets abscond through this territory peacefully." Not just because Haru prefers peaceful resolution. A flick ot his blue eye is mindful to the landers they are escorting, who do not have infinite lives and do not like the idea of being picked up and thrown off of a mountain during a skirmish.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Goldenblade ignores the puns as they start flying, she can sometimes get into the spirit of things when she's in the right mood, but she just got her but whupped in a melee and she's not feeling the positive feeling, it seems. Which is a bad time for dire eagles to attack, because she's got no shield and her archery is about worthless. She can go through the motions, but she'll never win any competitions, and so she will rely on the upgraded armor she wears to protect her. Unfortunately, she's forgone a helmet, and the mail coat and leggings doesn't protect her head, which is where the eagles attack. The best she can do is try and swat them away with one sword as she tries to hurry past them while not falling thousands of feet to her death. That would be a problem.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

The kobolds are driven back, and finally they find their way back outdoors. Only to be accousted by the monsterous avians that nest up here. Haru tries to negotiate, but there's always a few monsters that have to be fierce and intimidating regardless. It's best to just keep them away from their much less durable companions.

Daiyu opens her second warfan, and hooks them together at the bases of the handles. This makes them easier to spin as one, and she does so to use the ability to channel elements through them and create a powerful wind tunnel. Which she directs towards the dire eagles, opting to just force them to keep at bay with the winds too strong to fly through.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Gwen shield does not go well with her armor, she knows it. It's more fitting with some of her other sets but she's got it, the stats are wonderful. It also makes a lot of noise when she triggers it's innate magic. Which she does now there's the roar of a lion as a magical barrier forms for a moment, if anyone knew western games is that the crest of the Alliance?! It darn well is. The birds don't seem to like it very much at all as they are faced with a sudden massive noise! Which also sounds like some kind of /cat/ a very big cat.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

"Oh shit I remember this movie!" Kaydon calls out, as the birds start to descend down on them. He immediately switches to his gunblade instead, switching to a defensive stance, and going to work, "Anchor Howl!" Now the birds will need to come after him, or any attacks to his team will suffer a massive strike from the gunblade.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

The temperature begins to drop further as night begins to fall,
casting the mountain into darkness. It is easy enough to light their
way, but sometimes the Landers lose their footing or need help to
navigate in the dark.

As the path circles further up the mountain, things begin to look less
man-made and more a part of the natural environment. They go entire
hours without seeing a single thing that would suggest this was an
intentional path made to get them where they are going.

That is, until they come upon what looks to be a ruined bridge which
spans a chasm between two parts of the path. Parts of the rock are
missing, but there are wooden boards which have been placed across the
gaps, though some of those look suspect as well.

As they move to start across the bridge, there is a rumble of
something and a huge hand reaches up, pulling a massive troll up from
somewhere it had been living beneath. It stomps, causing some more
rocks to be broken lose, heading towards the party with a massive club
held high..

Haru rubs his hands together during the ascent. The air is thinner and the nights are colder. He doesnt overthink the bridge situation. If anything it is a sign that they have not veered off of the path and ended up in mountain wilderness for the night. Then there is the troll. "As previously stated," Haru begins as the troll thump their way, "birds are proud creatures. They will not abide this delay." A hand goes to his chest, laying over a red pinion crafted there. It is one of his earlier creations in accessory forging in enchanting. Plucked from a creature that he later found. "Ignis. Pluma. Ambiente. Ardeat. Nos." Haru says, breaking out the ANSI, and summoning his fire elemental. It appears in the form of a fiery bird, descending from the sky like a new sun has burned in against the dark landscape. It flaps its wings with enough heat to dispel the cold mountain air. "And trolls, I hear, do not abide heat." A hand extends and hundreds of fiery feathers fill the region, somehow avoiding causing a forest fire and burning the troll with fire intense to be considered blessed by a Divine Beast of Fire. Also all the feathers floating around look pretty.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Goldenblade breathes a sigh of relief as Kaydon pulls aggro from her. "Thanks," she calls, smiling as she appreciates his weapon as she's working on a weapon project of her own. The BO and fatigued debuffs others might notice on her may explain why she's been less than successful here. She sighs and gets back to getting across without getting her eyes pecked out, which takes more effort than she'd like. "Say, Kaydon," she asks out of the blue. "Are you a renowned weaponsmith yet? I'm working on something now, hoping to get a bit of recognition," she explains. "But you're ahead of me, I think?"

She follows the others as we continue on, pausing as the troll makes his appearance, and she tries to remember about trolls. "Fire works on these," she remarks, and flames run up her swordblades as she advances on this one. It looks unsure, and for good reason as she starts raining blows on the troll, which don't bother it much, but the flaming blades sear it badly. Very badly. She's taking her earlier failures out on this troll, and she's not giving an inch of slack.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Daiyu channels dark energy through herself, really drawing on that yokai aspect of being a mystical fox for the moment. The faintly shimmering aura seems to amplify her movements as she not only evades falling rocks but helps knock them away from the more vulnerable Landers needing to get past this latest obstacle to their sojourn.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

After the threat of the birds has been dealt with, Kaydon takes time to reload his gunblade, though Goldenblade's question gets him to turn and look that way, "Oh. Oh yeah, I am. You're working towards it too?" He asks, "I'd love to help out. Just let me know what you need."

It would seem, however that the group will need to deal with a troll first. Kaydon takes the lead again, using the fire artes from the Gunblade to drive the creature back.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Things are not so bad though prehaos she may want to change her clothing. Then again she's an Adventurer and a lot of old thing don't bother her or barely at all like it did. She'll start chanting again and really owes a certain magic user name of DS after all. She still howedver hasn't quite masdtered it as she lets thunderous bolt go, and it doesn't work so well...on the other han the rest of the party seems to do better. For once? The Towering Gwen seems embrassed.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

The farther the party travels, the more of a chill the air carries.
Eventually, the ground begins to crunch beneath their feet with frost
and snow. There is not as much of it here, in these summer months, but
it is still bitterly cold.

"Not much further." One of the Landers informs them.

It is not an easy climb. Made worse by the howling wind and cold.
Then, just as the memorial stones come into view, something massive
blocks them. The creature has long, white fur that seems to lie in
clumps, with long arms and a hunched build. The Yeti seems to have
made this place home, and is not happy about intruders.

It grabs a chunk of rock and begins to launch it down the mountain
towards them.

There is the cronch of snow beneath his feet. Snow. Snow and winter has always had a special spot for him. He looks to Gwen as he treks upwards, "Did I ever tell you one of my fondest memories of the Old World involves snow? Its somewhat fitting here, up in the mountains." The noodly armed caster motions out to the dark horizon, "Our home was high up in the city. We didn't get out of our ivory tower much." A bird cage to keep a songbird. "So seeing snow for the first time was nothing short of magical. It may have been the first time I began to really wonder what was past what was in front of us." Speaking 'what is in front of us', there is this Yeti. "No time to reflect on the past when present matters are more dire," he says, taking a step back to evoke an Enchanter arte of Mana channeling to redistribute the party's mana evenly across it. For lower pools like Goldenblade, shared with huge pools like Haru's, it practically refills them.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

"A Yeti, interesting." Though Daiyu does not let that delay her from acting. Though she does fold and tuck away her fans. The people that have seen in her battle before know this is only her shifting techniques rather than stopping. Sure enough, she reachs back to grab the base of the parasol on her back and unsheath the Chinese dueling sword concealed within it's shaft. As she does so the enchantment lines in her gloves glow, looking almost like circuitry, which transfers to the blade of the weapon.

Then she leaps forward, making several quick slashes with her sword before landing, using a combination of an attack amplification enchantment on herself and a defensive debuff projected through the weapon to weaken this hopefully final opposition. It's forward and a bit more brutal than usual for her, but there's Lander lives that would be too easily threatened by letting this monster have the time to make it's assault at full force.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Gwen has an idea she's a tank afterall, she's stronger than she ever has been before. She's ready she's seen this bit on Dragon Ball. She can do this she'll line up with the one of the thrown rocks. She'll try to catch it, it does not go as plan she, does catch it but it sends Gwen herself tumbling head over teakettle for a bit.

"Oh for the love of the goddesses!"

No puns right now...sadly.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Goldenblade nods gravely to Kaydon. "Yeah, I'm working on a sword for Gilgamesh, King of Uruk," she explains. "The traning in metalworking turns out to have been totally worthwhile," she adds, and says, "I'll let you know what I need. I don't know if I have enough gold for the gilt edging, but I'll have to see when I get back to the forge." She nods sagely.

"Snow's better for kids, they can play in it. As an adult, it's mainly an impediment. You've got to drive through it, or shovel it." Her mana pool is refilled, but her artes don't take mana the same way caster powers do. She uses it, but it's comparitively sparing, and for what she does now, on seeing what looks like a yeti, she vanishes from view. This one takes a small amount of mana, but it mainly takes a lot of determination, showing up /right behind/ the yeti and ramming both blades clean through its back without a word. Those who have adventured with her have seen her use that very rare Assassinate power, and it rarely fails. "Have some of that," she says to the transfixed yeti. Seems like she's still catching up on her rough day.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

"Oh! I made something for him that got me renowned. I'd love to help you out with it!" Goldenblade can see Kaydon's eyes light up at the thought of getting to show off some of his schematics for those weapons.

The Yeti starts hucking things down at them though. Kaydon again steps forward, bringing the gunblade to bear and using it to bring down the rock, splitting it in half with the blow.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Gwen is dusting herself off after a little bit and she now has a chance to reply to Haru. She looks pleased with this tale and she says "It sounds like a wonderful place to be. I can get that it was fun to play in. Ahem sorry about that I guess I'm a bit off my game today but I will have to see if I can recall my first run in with Snow. Goddesses help me Morri or Uther likely recall it..." She thinks for a moment.

"This is quite the trip out of that tower isn't it? You really taken flight..."
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

There is a look from Haru to Goldenblade that doesn't challenge that viewpoint. However, Haru will probably always see snow as a magical thing. Even if the snow itself is naught but fiery ash. He looks to Gwen, "Have I?" It doesnt seem like much of a question when he looks to the Landers that huddle behind them during the fight with a Yeti.

The Yeti is a difficult foe even in the best of times. It seems to
lack some measure of strength, perhaps because of the time of year and
the lack of surrounding winter weather. However, it still puts up
quite a fight.

However, the creature seems to have some measure of intelligence. When
its health drops into yellow, it gives a frustrated roar disengages
from the fight, grabbing for handholds and clambering further up the
mountain and away from the memorial site. Soon enough, it is out of
range to continue fighting.

The Landers, relieved to have finally arrived, scramble up to the
crude set of stones. They light a set of candles there, bowing before
it and placing offerings out onto the rocks around it.

One of the youngest in the family sniffles as they look out to the
night sky around them, obviously showing just how much loss has
effected them.

Eventually, after a long time, they turn back, ready to descend the
mountain once more. However, the youngest one offers up a token of
appreciation to each Adventurer.

Haru doesn't have any fun puns to say as the family takes their moment to reflect on the burdens they bear. He neatly folds his hands one atop the other. Not in prayer, but in solidarity and respect. Adventurers can't truly die. Landers can. As an Adventurer, the gap between having empathy to that fact widens every day. He closes the one visible blue eye and lets the mountain winds howl. When he opens it there is a teary eyed child handing him a small piece of etched stone. "Thank you," he tells them. Unlike most object that he appraises instinctively, he puts this one away. He turns, going to return with the Landers. A look over to Daiyu, "I wonder if the Palace Lands have a similar day of rememberance. Reading about this is not the same as being here when a family laments the burdens we force them through in our hubris. When the Tower is scaled and Cursed Waves unleashed, I'd like you to consider that it is these people who forever perish for our ambitions and leave crying children in their wake. When you wonder why I never Uncrowned you to send more soldiers into a war that fuels those tears, that there is an answer that satisfies you." Yet his voice is not wishy washy and full of angst and lament. He looks to Gwen and says, "I have yet to soar high enough if this is the future we contribute to." He is further resolved, if nothing else, with enough fire that embers spark out of his hand and sizzle in the nearby snow.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Goldenblade will take Kaydon up on that. There's a good reason she doesn't want to do what he's already done: her work won't get any recognition if it's something he's already done. Even if it were better, which is unlikely, it'd be a copy, and that's not what she's working on. She wants to create a unique piece that is both functional and elegant, suitable for a king.

When the yeti is driven off, she sighs heavily and proceeds to the shrine also, kneeling and praying for her own departed loved ones. She's made a small trinket, and she adds that to the offerings, lighting candles for her parents and her wife, and saying quiet prayers before rejoining the party.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

With the threat dealt with Daiyu steps back and resheaths her sword. Giving the Landers the space to do their ceremonies while she observes, as this is what she came on this venture for. To see the ritual actually being performed brings a lot more meaning to it than just reading up on it in books. "Certainly there is an equivilent of some manner," she replies to Haru. "But a lot of 'events' have grown overlooked, since most Adventurers no longer have the free will to pursue them in their time limits. And you are right," she pauses to kneel down to the approaching child and accept their small token of appreciation, "simply reading does this little justice."

Eventually the time comes to make their way back down the mountain, and she drifts closer to Kaydon along the way. "You wished to speak of some matter?" she askes.
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

Now that the battle's done, Kaydon puts his weapon back on his back, turning to face Daiyu, "I found this encrypted Palace Lands information during a mission not too long ago, and I can't read it. I was hoping I could get you to take a look at it."
Yamato - -24 - -8 - 0

"Curious." Daiyu considers a moment, then nods. "As I said, I shall be in Eas working with Baroness Wake for a bit when you need to find me. But I can certainly take a look at it."
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"I've been meaning to go talk to her about something anyway. So sure I'll swing on by in a few days." Kaydon responds to Daiyu.
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Gwen looks over to Haru for a moment and frowns.

"As much use as the intel we did gather on the SEA and the tower After floor ten i don't know anymore." She frowns for a moment not sure what else to say.

"Better to respond where we can to the waves or find the /source/ of this madness. Something else is causing the waves I think...there's more to this than just ... the tower and our own situation."
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"Indeed," Haru says to Gwen and leaves it at that. It is more complicated than the causality. There is more than one way to keep the world from fracturing apart.