Meet the Landers: Sumeragi Youta

Mister Youta has a problem that he wants Kaydon to fix. As such, Kaydon has been invited to his Kingdom to discuss the matter.

"Yo, kid, come on forward." The King of the Sumeragi Clan is leaning sideways in his throne, lazily leaning on a sword on the side of the throne. His blue garb is covering him in almosy lazy ways, tilting his head to the side while he considers Kaydon, as he is led to him by some of his Undine soldiers.

"So this is the mercenary guy with the awesome sword huh?" The man asks to nobody in particular, while clearly expecting Kaydon to speak up.

The throneroom is rather large. It is marked with blue, whites and gold. There are a few pretty ladies seated around just to be... well... pretty, it would seem. Some of them however seem to be conversing directly with some politicians, suggesting there may be more to the display here than first meets the eye.

However this king... his attitude isn't very...


"The awesome sword that I made." Kaydon notes, as he steps forward after the guards finish his escort. He stops short of the throne, he knows how this whole thing works. Or at least has a general idea of it.

For a king this guy doesn't seem to be taking it very seriously, but that's alright. Kaydon actually can get with that kind of attitude better than most, "I was honestly a bit surprised to get a summon from you. Maybe my reputation is actually moving up in the world."

Sumeragi lifts up a bit from his somewhat-bored-looking-posture on the throne as Kaydon remarks on the awesome sword and shows it. At that moment, the man lifts up from his throne and begins approaching Kaydon while slinging his sword - in its scabbard - onto his shoulder.

He has... swagger. He doesn't walk like a king or a prince. He walks like some kind of criminal. He offers his other hand, heeding for Kaydon to put the blade in his hand. Wanting to inspect it.

"I can recognize a blade that a lot of love 'been put into yo." The King remarks. "See, I need someone who knows how to love his weapons. Someone I can trust with a task."

Kaydon turns the weapon around and, still in its sheath, hands it over to the king hilt first, "Admittedly this one isn't your style. I know you tend to prefer a katana as a weapon." Kaydon's is definitely more medieval Templar sword style.

"I am more than happy to take on jobs folks offer for me." He says, "Though truthfully I tend to get most of them through the Hunter's Guild. Not that I'm complaining, I'm more than happy to take one directly from someone of your stature."

"Yo, I ain't looking to take your sword. I'm looking because I want to learn what kind of person you are." Sumeragi Youta answers Kaydon as he takes the sword by the blade with one hand, and looks it over. His eyes glowing for a moment as he seems to be appraising it. "And this one's 'got love imbued. I was right." He declares with this self-important certainty about himself, nodding his head slowly.

Looking back to Kaydon, he notes; "Been having trouble with some underwater critters in that Byalan Dungeon place. Some undead pirates been rising from the place and bugging the people around the island. I need 'yo to take care of that."

"Hmm. Underwater undead pirates?" He asks, as he considers for a second, "You know one of the first jobs of the Marines was fighting pirates." Kaydon says, as he grins a little bit, "I'd be more than happy to return to my proverbial roots and kill some pirates for you."

Kaydon takes his blade back, once the king is done looking at it, and slides it back onto his hip, "Is there anything I should know other than the location? A specific leader? Anything that might be causing them to rise up in the first place?"

"Yo, that's right. Fighting pirates is an important job for us Naval folk. I knew I was liking you for a reason kid." The man releases the blade and takes a step back, tapping the scabbard of his blade against his own shoulder. Nodding his head to some unseen tune. Observing Kaydon, evaluating him.

"You know, you should consider just straight out working for my yo." Sumeragi Youta notes. "Gonna need folk like you if any trouble stirs up. People who know the meaning of an honest day's work and put love into what they do." He then lifts his scabbard and points it to Kaydon while taking a pointing stance. The tip of the scabbard tapping against his chest. "I am pretty sure those dopes are sittin' on some kind of cursed treasure. Get down there, find the cursed treasure, and start bringing pieces here so we can cleanse them at Mac Anu. It'll probably take a whole bunch of trips."

"I mean, give me my own ship and crew and I could do that." Kaydon replies. He doesn't figure that'll be taken as a serious offer, but 'Captain Kaydon' does have a nice ring to it.

"I'll get it taken care of. Get me a point of contact so we know who to hand off the cursed treasure to." He's already thinking, he'll need to get Shiruba and Arashi involved for sure, but there's a few others he can bring along too he thinks.

"We can discuss that. But you'd be a fucking captain of that vessel under me, with my people as a crew." The man answers him while nodding his head, grinning at Kaydon. "It just requires that you pledge allegiance to me. But first, this task. Take care of those shitstain Undead and report back to me, yo." He asks of Kaydon. "You can hand off the cursed treasure directly at those shits of the Church of Law." Sumeragi Youta instructs.

"You got it." Kaydon replies, "I'll make sure this gets done, you have my word." And Kaydon's word is his bond, so he means it when he says it.

Once the king is done with him, he'll be dismissed. Then it'll be time for him to head out, and begin the process. First things first, he'll need to scout out that dungeon.